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Colorado's most unique & exciting dog training facility.  In addition to dog training, we offer swimming, hiking, outdoor adventures and much more . . .
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 Off Leash Dog Training,
and Much More . . .

 Off leash training for your active lifestyle is our specialty
 We are conveniently located 15 minutes from Falcon, Woodmen Hills, Meridian
Ranch, Banning Lewis Ranch & surrounding areas of eastern Colorado Springs. In
addition to training, your dog can participate in outdoor adventures such as
swimming (seasonal), hikes, cavaletti jumps and various other outdoor activities.

When your dog is with us he / she will have an endless variety of adventures in which to participate.
On Leash Training
Off Leash Training
Outdoor Adventures
Walking a dog that pulls, tugs & jumps can be a chore. After completing our On-Leash training program, it will be a pleasure taking your dog for a walk. Your friends and neighbors will be amazed at the transformation.
Having a reliable recall when hiking, jogging or biking with your favorite canine, is an absolute necessity. Our Off-Leash training program will give you the control you need. Outdoor activities will be more enjoyable and much safer.
Swimming and outdoor adventures are great exercise for canine fitness. These activities are available to dogs completing our off leash program.
Swimming is seasonal (May - October.). Outdoor adventures are available year round.
Regular exercise is essential to a happy, healthy, well balanced dog.  When dogs get bored, they find ways to entertain themselves, such as barking, digging, chewing, etc.  Most often, to your dissatisfaction.  At Outdoor dogs, your dog will recieve much needed daily exercise.
​In addition to exercise, training is equally important for a well balanced dog.  Training will give you the tools necessary to fully enjoy time spent with your dog.  We offer both on and off leash training programs.
We care for your dogs like they are one of our own