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Colorado's most unique & exciting dog training facility.  In addition to dog training, we offer swimming, hiking, outdoor adventures and much more . . .

What makes Colorado Outdoor Dogs unique, exciting & the number one choice for active dog owners just like you?​​​​​​
Complete Dog Training Facility​​
Dog Boarding
Dog Training
Private Lessons
Outdoor Adventures
  • ​​ ​​As both the owners & trainers, we have a vested interest in your success & satisfaction​​

  • Because we are a family owned & operated business, we work for you, not corporate or a franchise

  • Our focus is on quality, not quantity

  • Most training facilities are located in small indoor areas, with very limited space to train.  Very seldom do you and your dog have the opportunity to train in an outdoor / off leash environment 

  • Our facility is located on 40 acres, with access to several hundred additional acres and a number of spring fed ponds, where we can focus on outdoor / off leash training

  • We take a limited number of dogs at our facility. You and your dog won't get lost in the shuffle which happens all too often at an overcrowded facility or in large group training session​s​
  • You and your dog will always be treated as individuals

  • You and your dog will never passed off to an assistant, who may or may not be here the next time you come to work with your dog

  • You and your dog will receive a training program designed to meet your specific needs 

Do you lead an active lifestyle? Are you looking for the same outlet for your dog?  If so, Colorado Outdoor Dogs is just what you, and your dog, have been looking for. In addition to overnite boarding, day boarding & in-board training, we offer daily adventures, treks & journey's.​​

Are you looking for something different than doggy daycare?  More individual attention for your dog?  Here your dog will receive the one on one that only you have been able to give your favorite companion.  At Colorado Outdoor Dogs we have a very limited number of spots available for our outdoor adventures program. Whether it's a long hike, exercise yards with jumps & other outdoor activities, or pond time, your dog will always receive one on one attention.

Jo Anne and Tim Harris, the owners / trainers, each have over 35 years experience training, competing, breeding and caring for dogs.  You won't find this level of experience at most other facilities.

Give us a call today, 719-325-9352  We'd love to talk with you about your dog and let you know what we have to offer.

Don't delay, spots are limited!