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Colorado's most unique & exciting dog training facility.  In addition to dog training, we offer swimming, hiking, outdoor adventures and much more . . .

​​ Training     

On Leash Training, Off Leash Training, Outdoor Adventures & More . . .

 Whether your favorite canine is in need of obedience training, exercise or just plain good times, Colorado Outdoor Dogs has what you're looking for. Different than doggy daycare. Different than dog boarding.  Different than a dog park. We are what your dog has been longing for. Check us out today!
A well trained dog is a happy dog and a happy dog owner!


On Leash Training

Practical Training for Everyday Life

Trying to walk a dog that pulls, tugs & jumps can be a chore.  At times it can be extremely frustrating.  After completing our On-Leash training program, it will be a pleasure taking your dog for a walk.  Your friends and neighbors will be amazed at the transformation.  You and your dog will actually enjoy going for walks!​​

Training Program Highlights

  • Personalized 2 week in-board program
  • Training equipment included (custom hand made training leash, training collar, training tab)
  • Follow up private training sessions included at no additional charge

Your dog will learn to be proficient with

  • Heel (walk by your side without pulling)
  • Sit (sit and stay)
  • Here (come to you)
  • Down (lie down and stay)
  • Off (not jumping)

Off Leash Training

Off Leash Training That Works

Having a reliable recall when hiking, jogging or biking with your favorite canine is a necessity.  We know how frustrating & dangerous it can be when your dog is off leash, you call him / her, they look at you, then it's off to the races.  Panic sets in.  Are they headed toward a busy street?  You begin to wonder if you will see them again?  Not a pleasant feeling. 

Our Off-Leash training program will give you the control you don't have, but desperately need.  Outdoor activities will be a lot more enjoyable and much safer.​​

​Lifetime follow-up private training sessions are included.  If you have a problem after your dog returns home, just give us a call.  We'll schedule a convenient time for a one on one training session with you and your dog at no additional charge!!!

Training Program Highlights

  • Personalized 6 week in-board program
  • Training equipment included (custom hand made leash, training collar, training tab, Garmin e-collar)
  • Lifetime follow-up private training sessions included at no additional charge

Your dog will learn the following off-leash

  • Heel (walk by your side without pulling & tugging)
  • Sit (sit and stay, wait patiently)
  • Here (this is one of the most important, come when called even with distractions)
  • Down (lie down, wait patiently)
  • ​Place
  • Off (don't jump on people, counters, furniture, etc.)
  • Sit out of motion
  • Down out of motion
  • Remote sit & remote down

Private Lessons

1 on 1 Private Training Sessions

Group training classes can be very beneficial, for some dogs.  However, with average class size around 10 dogs and owners,  are you really getting the help you and your dog need & have paid for?  Does the instructor spend more time talking about themselves and their dog, than helping you with your dog?  Is there someone in the class who tries to monopolize the entire hour?  When class is over, are you any further along with training than you were when class started?  If so, great.  If not, maybe it's time for a change.

Our 1 on 1 private lessons are the change you're looking for.  Each one hour training session is dedicated to you and your dog.  We work with you on the things you need and want to work on.  The specific problems you are having with your dog.  We focus exclusively on you and your dog.

You don't have to take a certain number of lessons.  Take as few or as many as you need or want.  This is determined by your wants, your dog's needs and your dog's progress.  In fact, most of our clients will accomplish in just a few lessons, what they were never able to accomplish in one or more eight week classes!  

Private training lessons are available with two options:
  • One lesson at a time as needed

  • Unlimited lifetime lessons

  • Each session is dedicated to you and your dog
  • We work with you on your dog's issues
  • On and off leash training sessions
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Puppy through adult
  • Problem solving
  • Our trainers each have over 35 years experience
  • ​Per lesson, pay as you go
  • Lifetime lessons, pay one time for unlimited private lessons

Swimming, Outdoor Adventures & More . . .

Don't Leave Your Dog Home Alone!

Now that your dog has successfully completed a training program, what's next?  Left home alone to entertain themselves?  Doggy daycare in an overcrowded warehouse?  If this works for you and your dog, great!  If not, check out the unique and exciting alternative we have to offer.

Swimming and outdoor adventures are great exercise for canine fitness.  These activities are available to dogs completing our off leash program. Swimming is seasonal (May - October). Outdoor adventures are available year round.  Our outdoor adventures are not the typical group of dogs in a small fenced yard.  Your dog's ourdoor adventures are on several hundred acres. 

Colorado Outdoor Dogs Is

  • ​Different than doggy daycare

  • Different than a dog park

  • Different than a boarding kennel

Our Off-Leash Adventures include

  • Swimming in spring fed ponds

  • Long outdoor hikes

  • Large exercise yards

  • Cavaletti jumps

  • One on one individual attention
  • Never crowded, we accept a limited number of dogs